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Parkway General Anaesthetic and Sedation

General Anaesthesia is a state of controlled unconsciousness where medications are used to send you to sleep.
You are unaware of the surgery and will not feel any pain or discomfort .
It is administered by inhalation or intravenously .

Sedation is a depression of awareness between a relaxed consciousness and being very sleepy .
It is administered by medication being given by inhalation , intravenously or by mouth .
It requires a numbing of the site of surgery with local anaesthetic .

*Patients with a high level of anxiety or phobia of dental procedures or needles
*Patients whose Procedures would be difficult for them to tolerate whilst awake

Whichever option is chosen , a Consultation is essential to ascertain your suitability for either , and which of the two is best for you .

For over 20 years we have successfully treated approximately 4000 phobic and anxious patients, per annum , with the the safe aid of Sedation or General Anaesthesia .
Do not put off your routine or emergency treatment due to fear .

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