Dental Phobia

General Anaesthesia is a state of controlled unconsciousness where medications are used to send you to sleep.
You are unaware of the surgery and will not feel any pain or discomfort .
It is administered by inhalation or intravenously .

Sedation is a depression of awareness between a relaxed consciousness and being very sleepy .
It is administered by medication being given by inhalation , intravenously or by mouth .
It requires a numbing of the site of surgery with local anaesthetic .

*Patients with a high level of anxiety or phobia of dental procedures or needles
*Patients whose Procedures would be difficult for them to tolerate whilst awake

Whichever option is chosen , a Consultation is essential to ascertain your suitability for either , and which of the two is best for you .

For over 20 years we have successfully treated approximately 4000 phobic and anxious patients, per annum , with the the safe aid of Sedation or General Anaesthesia .
Do not put off your routine or emergency treatment due to fear .

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I’ve been terrified for years no have I had a dentist for years iam lucky I’ve got quite good teeth but my oral higene is a mess my breath is bad on times and some of my back teeth have come out luckily not the front on reading that you deal with dental phobias just wondering how much treatments are also thinking about teeth whitening kind regards Beverly

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