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Toothache and Isolation (COVID-19)

How to manage toothache during the Coronavirus Self Isolation,

During the past week most dentists, including ourselves, have been forced to close our doors to treatments that are not considered an emergency.


So this begs the question; “What do you do if you suddenly have a toothache and are unable to receive treatment?”

We hope to offer some helpful short term tips on how you can treat the symptoms until we are able to see you again. However, if your toothache results in symptoms including difficulty swallowing or large facial swelling please don’t hesitate to contact us, as we class this as a dental emergency and it requires urgent medical attention.

Teeth are causing you pain?


Pain in a tooth is often caused by a bacterial infection that leads to decay. If nerve endings in the tooth come into contact with bacteria it can cause the tooth to become extremely sensitive. As the infection takes hold the nerve becomes inflamed, this can cause severe pain when biting down on food. 


If you struggle to eat hot or cold food and drink, this is an indicator of tooth decay. It is a common misconception that antibiotics will be able to solve the problem. The only way to treat the infection is ro remove the decay to allow the tooth to heal.


In some cases the bacteria has caused damage that can not be fixed. In these cases the dentist will opt to conduct a root canal ( or in some extreme cases the tooth would have to be removed entirely (


As a general practice of Parkway a tooth extraction is the last resort, and we opt to try and rescue the infected tooth wherever possible.


To help you manage any toothache we have set up a handy list of tips to help you until you’re able to see us. 


  • Keep your head elevated during sleep. When you  lie down this can cause your blood pressure to increase in the damaged tooth. This ultimately causes pain. Try and get into the habit of using an extra pillow to keep your head raised.


  • Anaesthetic Gel. These gels are available in supermarkets or all chemists. They can really help numb the area and will help during the most painful times.


  • Some supermarkets sell a temporary filling material that can be used to pack into the cavity of the tooth. 


  • Sensodyne toothpaste can really help reduce sensitivity in the damaged area. 


  • Anti-inflammatory tablets are able to reduce the sensitivity. A combination of paracetamol and ibuprofen can help if taken together. There is some speculation that the use of Ibuprofen might be dangerous to Coronavirus sufferers, so we advise that you research this yourselves and come to a conclusion that you feel comfortable with. Once you’ve started taking the tablet, don’t stop as this will result in the inflammation of the nerve.


  • Reduce the blood flow to the area by keeping the area cold. However, don’t use ice directly on the tooth as this will cause severe pain.


Broken Tooth?


If you have lost a filling or accidently cracked a tooth this can cause the area to become sensitive. If you run your tongue around the area and it feels sharp to the touch, this is a general indicator that repair work is needed.


This can be solved in the short term by purchasing some extra sensitive toothpaste or by getting a temporary filler from a supermarket or chemist.


If there are signs of an infection.


A common indication of the tooth or area being infected is that there is swelling or a discharge of pus.


We recommend that in this situation that you use warm salty mouthwash to try and nullify the ​infection in your mouth. You should repeat this process several times if needed until the pain subsides. 


It might be tempting to try and heat the area externally to soothe the pain. This is a short term fix and can cause long term problems as the infection can be drawn into the  surrounding tissue


Pain caused by Ulcers


Many things can cause an Ulcer to develop, like damage to the soft tissue in the mouth. But Ulcers can also be an indication of other underlying health issues including iron deficiencies.

If an Ulcer persists for longer than a two week period you should seek medical advice. Creams such as Bonjela can be used to create a projective barrier to stop the acids in saliva. 


Pain from Gums


If food or bacteria gets stuck between the tooth and gums this can lead to pain. The best solution to this common problem is to routinely floss, and use mouthwash morning and night.

About Parkway

Parkway Clinics operates two purpose-built theatres, each consisting of a dental chair with operating theatre lighting for best visualisation during surgery. We have two full size Anaesthetic machines with full monitoring equipment.

We offer a calm environment to treat dental phobic patients. Our highly trained team of Sedation Dental Nurses will chaperone you through your journey. All our Clinical staff are here to support you, the Surgeon and the Anaesthetist. We are trained in the use of our highly technical equipment and materials.

Our purpose-built theatres and unlike your regular dental surgery. Our theatres are spacious and bright with a fresh modern approach. Our cross-infection control nurses ensure that all Local Health Board and General Dental Council regulations are met.

You will have a full team of Clinical staff looking after you in theatre before being transferred to our purpose build recovery bays. Our Registered General Nurses will ensure that you are fully recovered before your discharge home

Parkway Dental Clinic is conveniently located in Swansea, South Wales. Attracting patients from all over the United Kingdom including; Wales, England and Scotland.

Whether you are looking to register as a private patient for your routine dental care, or seeking a consultation for more complex or cosmetic dental treatments without registering, we have all the expertise you will need at Parkway.

By choosing The Parkway you will benefit from an exceptional purpose-built private hospital staffed by the best Clinicians in the area. Our modern and comfortable environment puts patients of all ages at ease, whether they are here for complex reconstructions or simply a regular check-up or routine treatment.

Our primary focus is on a safe and gentle environment for your dental care. We will guide you through your treatments with a high level of care and attention. You can be assured you will be treated with respect, understanding and compassion at all times – our skills and expertise mean you are in the best possible hands.

  • A comprehensive range of modern dentistry treatments in one convenient location
  • All the facilities of a day-care dental hospital
  • A highly-qualified team of dentists, specialists and consultant oral surgeons
  • Fast-track for private dental services
  • Flexible payment terms
  • More complex treatments without long hospital waiting lists
  • Sedation and General Anaesthesia alternatives suitable for nervous patients

Patient Journey


It is a good idea to visit PWC before your appointment to familiarise yourself with the Clinic. You are welcome to bring a friend or companion with you for support.


Firstly, we will LISTEN to your concerns. We will then LOOK to see how we can help you. We will aim to carryout a full examination which may include taking some radiographs. We understand that dental phobia is something that you are not always in control of, and it is important that you remain in control of your limits. We can then SPEAK to you about the best way forward for you. This may include some help with Sedation or General Anaesthetic, which our Anaesthetist will be able to discuss with you.


You will have the opportunity to ask questions before leaving. You may prefer to discuss your options with a family member or friend too. If you decide to go ahead with treatment, an appointment can be made at your convenience. In the meantime you are welcome to contact Parkway Clinic to discuss further queries.

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This video consultation does not replace a clinical consultation/examination. This session is to introduce you to one of PWC's clinicians who will gladly deliberate your questions. A future appointment in the Clinic will be needed to carry out a full clinical assessment whereby a bespoke treatment plan will be presented to you.*

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