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Hearing is Better
A state of the art purpose built facility offers the highest level of care and
service to people who are experiencing difficulties and frustrations with
their hearing.
Range of Procedures
Whether it’s a conversation to determine if hearing loss is present, having a full hearing assessment with hearing aids selection, fitment and training or simply having your ears cleaned properly using microsuction to restore your listening abilities.
Our Patient Promise

Our primary focus is on a safe and gentle environment for your dental care. We will guide you through your treatments with a high level of care and attention.

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What happens:- Medical history. Brief discussion on how you feel about your hearing abilities.

Otoscopy:- Checking for wax/debris which may need removing prior to Full Hearing Assessment.

Screen hearing:- To confirm hearing loss and offer advice on next steps, which may be FHA.

Who is it for:- People who may be noticing some issues with their hearing but aren’t sure/convinced it is them.

*Non hearing aid users.

*Hearing aid users (NHS or other private) just wishing to have a quick chat about our range and services without committing to a FHA.


What happens:-

  • Full medical history.
  • Otoscopy.
  • An examination to check for wax and debris which may need removing to restore hearing or to clear the ear prior to a full hearing assessment.

Pure tone audiometry:- To assess hearing levels, a prescriptive test used to decide the best type of aid based on power and acoustic requirements.

QuickSiN:- Auditory cognitive processing test to ascertain client’s ability to understand a wanted speech signal through competing noises. Useful in indicating general level of required technology and if specific accessories (wireless accessories) would be beneficial. Helps with goal setting and expectation management.

Demonstration:- For the customer this will enable them to experience the difference a hearing aid can make to them, first hand. For me, I can monitor their responses to help judge their rehabilitation needs.

Hearing aid discussion :- Conversation about solutions. Including monauralvs binaural, type and style, costs involved


Fitting:- A one hour appointment to program an initial setting into the aid(s) and teach you how to use it. Revisit goals and create a tailored plan of care.

Follow up appointments:- A series of visits to collect feedback from you about your experiences and begin to execute the plan of care. We will help you to hear better and achieve your goals.

Check ups :- A six monthly 15 minute appointment to clean and check aids. Check ear health and make minor adjustments.

Re-assessments:- Periodic retests to monitor hearing levels and ensure the aids are performing at their best. Revisit lifestyle, as things change. We would expect a person to get 3 1/2 – 5 years good use from an aid if looked after. Some will achieve more, some less. Our aim is to help you hear as well as you are able to.

(Price may vary depending on treatment needed)
Full Hearing Assessment
(Price may vary depending on treatment needed)

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